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Barcodes Built-in

Fully integrated, not slap 'n ship. Detailed traceability. Mobile handheld device compatible. Both standard and custom offerings are available.

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Available or Not?

Mark product as unavailable when it's in transit, being cooled, or otherwise temporarily unavailable. Keep everyone informed. Get Famous.

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Track Truckers

Track check-ins and check-outs. DL, names, vehicle license numbers. Capture signatures. Spot no-shows. Get truckin'.
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Inventory & Warehouse Management

How many do we have? Where are they stored? Which is the oldest product? What can we substitute? When will the new inventory be cool enough to ship? You know the drill. So do we. At Famous we are confident that you won’t find a more complete and intuitive inventory and warehouse management arsenal than ours.

Careful monitoring of growers, lots, and even pallet tags are all critical to effective inventory control. Strict, real time controls assure traceability, reduce spoilage, assure the accuracy of grower payments, and improve your efficiency and bottom line.

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Multiple Warehouses

Define an unlimited number of storage facilities and monitor the movement of product between as well as within your facilities. In addition, if you choose to do so, you can track the location of product right down to the room/row level within any warehouse. Design unique workflow documents for multiple warehouses. Security features restrict warehouse information access on a need-to-know basis.

Efficient Receiving

Receive field-packed products, purchased items, or bulk. Warehouse transfers and imported item receiving are also simplified, and are easy to track on detailed lists.  

Food Safety

Tracking product down to the pallet level makes it possible to monitor the quality, condition, and source of products under your control. Famous can help you stay in compliance with the Federal Public Health Security and Bio-terrorism Preparedness and Response Act by establishing and maintaining necessary information for all received product.

Meet and exceed Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) requirements, PMA’s Fresh Produce traceability guidelines, additional customer reporting, and traceability expectations as well.

Product Availability

Mark inventory as unavailable for shipping if the items need to go through a process such as pre-cooling or fumigation prior to sale.

Flexible Units of Measure

Purchase, inventory, and sell commodities using a virtually unlimited set of weights and measures--bins, cartons, pounds, and bags just to name a few. Famous Version 6 automatically converts to the correct unit of measure when necessary.

Tag Printing

Create serialized, fully-integrated pallet and bin bar-coded tags for both receiving and shipping. This feature ensures traceability. Tagged inventory can be easily tracked by Famous as you move it within or even between warehouses. Tags facilitate product availability inquiries and shipping recordkeeping, as well as track-and-trace food safety programs.

Grower Receiving/Packing

Ensure tighter inventory control and provide growers with professional looking documentation while saving time and money. When bulk inventory arrives at your dock (in bins, field packs, or other containers), use Famous Version 6 to create grower receipts and tags. Packout reports are available immediately after you generate pallet tags. Associate such charges as picking and hauling with received inventory to create accounts payable transactions that can be automatically passed through to growers.

Consolidated Pallets

Combine multiple partial pallets onto a single pallet while maintaining traceability (traceback), inventory, and accounting integrity. In addition, this feature enables you to combine product from multiple growers or lots onto one pallet.


Track transfers in real time, right down to the room/row/pallet level if necessary. All transfers create audit trails. Move your inventory across the lot or around the world, and always know its status—in place, in transit, or received. Expedite local inventory movement with our Quick Transfers feature.


Streamline repacking tasks, especially when you need to change a packaging style or re-grade product. You can also use the repackaging feature when processing multiple products into a single new one, such as when creating a lettuce mix. Account for these changes using standard costs or enter actual costs.

Track associated labor, material, and fixed costs. Famous also computes resulting inventory value changes and updates related reports, all in real time. Automatically account for changes in weight and item counts for each affected item.

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Advanced Repacking

The Advanced Repacking option is the perfect solution for complex repacking operations. Blend grower product and purchased product on the same repacking run. Apply grower auto charges to repacking inputs or outputs. Settle to growers in the original received quantity even after product has been repacked.

Handheld Mobile Devices

Famous is currently developing a fully integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Version 6. Using handheld mobile wireless devices, you will be able to extend the reach of Famous Version 6 to the most remote corners of your facility. These devices instantly provide loading dock workers, forklift drivers, and others with the real time inventory information they need to do their jobs efficiently.

Famous Mobile WMS will enable shipping workers to validate items before loading them, and ensure the accuracy of orders. You will also save time and money with more efficient inventory picking runs, and be able to interact with inventory data on-the-go. Handheld mobile wireless devices can also be used to look up product details, update product availability, and consolidate pallets. Assure adherence to your first-in-first-out (FIFO) policies, enhance worker productivity, and streamline the entire order fulfillment process.

Please continue to check back on the website and with your Famous Representative for the exciting developments in Famous Mobile WMS.


Create the RFID carton and pallet tags required by more and more large retailers these days. Initially considered to be a requirement only of Walmart and a few other large perishables customers, RFID technology is on the verge of revolutionizing the way the produce industry tracks inventory and develops management information.

If you are not yet required by customers to provide RFID tags, chances are that you soon will be. Famous integrates its RFID tag feature with all related inventory and accounting modules in order to provide a broad based, scalable RFID system that you will be able to use for years to come.

No "slap and ship" here. The Famous RFID solution is fully integrated with the rest of your data. Add RFID features now, or just relax knowing that when the day comes you will be ready to implement a solid, well-known, and respected tagging system.

We will Help

Getting ready to implement your first RFID or wireless terminal installation can seem intimidating at first. It's great to have experienced help when you are just getting started. It's another way Famous will help you hit the ground running. We have successfully guided many customers through the labyrinth.

Available Modules

  • Inventory - Includes the ability to receive and manage inventory for multiple warehouses. Includes a complete pallet tagging system with bar coding functionality.
  • Inventory Room/Row - Allows for the tracking of product location within a warehouse down to the room, row, bin, and pallet level. Works in conjunction with optional third-party RF scanning/terminal systems.
  • Inventory Transfers - Allows for the shipping and receiving of product between warehouses within the system.
  • Repacking – Accounts for the processing and/or re-handling of existing inventory. Cost/unit, traceability, and shrinkage are tracked automatically. Includes complete pallet tagging system with bar coding.
  • Pallet Consolidation – Used to combine products from multiple pallet tags while retaining traceability.
  • RFID - Radio Frequency Identification of inventory is being promoted by Walmart and other large retail grocery store chains. Be in compliance by using this fully integrated Famous RFID module. Print and program product data onto each RFID tag. This feature enhances product traceability as well.

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