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Buy, sell, and track internationally. Extend your seasons and your reach with Famous.

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Food Safety

Our standard features will help you meet and exceed the Can-Trace objectives, COOL, and Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) milestones. Improve your profitability in the process.


Grower Accounting

Improve grower relations with accurate, timely settlements. Whether you run a marketing operation settling to a group of packer/shippers, or are a packer/shipper settling to groups of growers, you'll appreciate the attention to detail found in the Famous Software Grower Accounting module.

It All Comes Together Here

Information from every corner of your operation flows together here to provide quick, accurate reporting and settlements.

Get real time settlement information

Grower Settlements

Select the growers you wish to pay and then review the details of products you have sold, quantity or price reductions, grower charges, and other details affecting settlements. Create net income settlements for individual or multiple growers. Manage multiple settlements at the same time. Grower settlements and sales commissions are updated when invoices are produced or edited.

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Identify and track each grower's product throughout your entire handling of it starting at the field, lot, or orchard where it was grown, through every transportation step up to and including your delivery of product to your customers. Learn More

Grower Charges

Grower charges can be entered either automatically or manually. Charge for any services you provide and expenses you incur on their behalf such as chemicals, hauling, etc.

Manage Complex Settlements/Liquidations

At Famous we know how complex settlements can be. You need to use methods and models consistent with your region, crops, desired time periods, and so on. We provide the necessary tools for just about any imaginable scenario. Your Famous Sales Representative can demonstrate just how flexible our Grower Accounting features can be. Numerous settlement reports and queries are available. Settlement pricing elements can include:

  • Pool
  • Block
  • Lot
  • Ship date
  • Receive date
  • Variety
  • Grade
  • Label
  • Region
  • Method
  • Storage
  • Color

Importing and Exporting

Whether product arrives by truck, sea, or air you can track manifest items all the way from growers' fields through ports, and right down to your warehouses, rooms, and rows. Flexible units of measure, and the ability to work in multiple currencies are available to simplify your international trading.


Pooling settlements are used to account for growers' products. These products may or may not lose their identity during the packing process. It's your choice. Pools can be based upon common attributes such as growing regions, variety, date range, and product storage. Key in charges by lot and allocate them across all growers. If your pack line equipment provides electronic sizer/sampler data, Famous can import that information to facilitate pool accounting and reporting. Famous makes it easy to track multiple pools, pay advances against pools, and close pools.

Packout Reporting

Packout reporting is an integral part of grower accounting. Famous packout information is presented in real time. Production managers use packouts to identify variances such as high cull percentages. Growers are able to see immediately how their product is grading and sizing, allowing them to vary their harvesting schedules if necessary. Packout reports show equivalents in addition to actual units packed, making it easy to do comparisons.

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