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Potandon Produce

ImagePotandon Produce has been a Famous site since about 1990. Headquarted in Idaho Falls, ID. The firm is the largest marketer of fresh potatoes and one of the largest marketers of onions in North America with an extensive network of grower, packers and co-packers. They are well known for frequently bringing new and innovative products to the market. Potandon was a very early adopter of Famous Integration Services (FIS). Lisa Swenson is the firm's Vice President of Finance.

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Lisa Swenson

Lisa Swenson Famous has been a part of our lives since the beginning of Potandon about 20 yers ago. We really view Famous as a business partner, not just a services provider. It’s a very good working relationship.

We’ve worked with a lot with the Famous sales people, consultants, and technical people. They are all very professional, and easy to work with. In fact I consider most of them friends, and appreciate their support in my job.

We’ve grown quite a bit over the years. Today we have 110 users. Most of them are here in this office but we have a lot of remote users as well.

Our outside facilities log into our system so we can tell when a truck is due to arrive, and what inventory is on the floor. Our production people use that for management of inventory. We recently added our own warehouse, a cross-docking facility, also on the system. We are very happy with it. Our facilities are also happy with it.

The order process is pretty streamlined. We encourage our sales people to use the standard orders. We also utilize FIS (EDI invoicing and purchase order integration). We have a lot of customers who request that. With FIS we are able to turn around orders electronically and get invoices to customers quickly without paper. It’s very effective and very efficient.

We also have a lot of accounting users and we have our packing facilities that are utilizing the inventory and shipping features of Famous. Sales and the warehouses we have are very integrated, and so it makes for very easy transactions—sales order entry, picking up that inventory and moving it to an order and then selling and invoicing it.

Well, I’m the Vice President of Finance, so I can tell you that I like to run reports and I like to look at data and I like to export data for use in Excel and elsewhere.

A lot of the transactions drive our financial statements. So we have trust in the financial statements, the order process, the invoicing, grower settlements—it’s all integrated.

The great thing about Famous is that we have very little downtime. We have very few problems. We have a long history of great support with Famous. We have other software packages where the software support itself isn’t up to the level of support that Famous provides us there’s no doubt. The Famous support team is very responsive and meets our needs.

Food safety has taken a greater role—it’s on the front burner for a lot of people, and we are a part of that. We have a committee dealing with food safety, data synchronization, traceability; and we certainly have been talking a lot with Famous about the help they can give us to meet those needs that are coming, and are going to be very important to the industry.

My name is Lisa Swenson. I am the Vice President of Finance at Potandon Produce, and I love Famous Software.

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