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Pacific International Marketing

Image Pacific International Marketing (PIM), headquartered in Salinas, California has been a Famous user since 1985. As one of the industry’s leading produce companies, PIM produces more than one hundred different commodities, and oversees more than 20,000 acres of vegetable and fruit production in California and Arizona. Pacific International Marketing describes their experience with Famous Mobile field tagging technology.

David Black is the firm's COO, Bryan Searcy is their Information Systems Manager and Robert DeVoy is a Field Manager.

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David Black

ImageToday we are shipping approximately 35-million units of vegetable items and some fruit.

We've all worked hard together on the same challenges, pushing forward to take it to the next level. Famous has been very cooperative and very helpful, and we always seem to be successful.

Robert DeVoy

ImageThe requirement for PIM case tagging was to come up with a system to print tags in the field and then apply them in a very efficient manner.

So far the Famous system has worked amazingly well for us.

The hardware that we use in the field works very well with the [office] software that Famous provides for us. We can get all the information that we need in a very timely fashion.

We can make changes on the fly, which is amazing for us. We don't have to print everything the night before. We can, but our company changes orders very quickly. This system lets us print what we need right in the back of our pickups.

It's just really simple even for people on the field level, like myself.

Bryan Searcy

ImageWe want to make sure that our items are traceable all the way back to the lot. We want to know exactly when it was produced and what field and what lot it comes from. We knew we needed to align ourselves with a vendor that would give us the ability to get the case tagging done in the most economical fashion.

We had piloted with another company, saw what they can do, brought in some other case tagging companies that were telling us exactly what they can do; but we felt like Famous was the best solution. Famous was very quick to respond and worked to put together the right solutions for us.

We've worked with Famous for over 20 years. They've grown as our company has grown. They've been nothing but great to work with.