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HMC Marketing

ImageHMC Marketing is an extremely successful grower, packer, and shipper of stone fruit and grapes, headquartered in Kingsburg, California. Known for its pack line automation, HMC employs our custom Famous Application Program Interface (FAPI), integrating our software with their automated systems.

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Harold McCarty

Image I don’t believe that we would be successful today without Famous. When I started this company twenty-some-odd years ago, Famous came out and walked us through the process, and we’ve been with Famous on the leading edge of all the changes that you’ve made ever since. You listen to everything we need and try to put it economically in place in a timely manner. We’ve explored other programs, this is not just blind faith—and for us, there was no comparison to Famous. Running Famous makes it easy for us to hire employees because almost everyone in the industry has at least some experience with your software.

It’s kind of a no-brainer. Unless you want some incredibly customized system you can’t begin to afford to have what Famous offers on your own.

My name is Harold McCarty. I am the owner of HMC marketing, and I love Famous Software.

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