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Harris Farms

http://www.harrisfresh.com Brian Staggs is the Farms Controller with Harris Farms, a significant and diverse agricultural company located in Coalinga, California. Besides their horse training and racing operations, Harris operates beef and hospitality companies.

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Harris is also farming approximately 20,000 acres, and has interests in almond processing and marketing activities, as well as a tomato processing operation. They converted to Famous Software in 1998. They were Version 6 user “number one.”

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Brian Staggs

Image The thing we like best about Famous is its ease of use, especially for new, sometimes seasonal workers. We can train a person in a very short period of time and have them quickly up, and functional, and productive for us.

We started strictly doing extensive cost accounting on Famous, but knew we that we would ultimately have packer/shipper needs. We realized that we could grow (with Famous). In our packer/shipper operations we now track a million bags of fresh onions in and out, and a considerable quantity of garlic both as finished goods and as work-in-process.

We have a unique process for getting payroll data into the system. Our field supervisors use handheld PDAs. They enter payroll information on the spot. Famous compiles that data for us. We run a payroll of several hundred people with just one individual.

Anytime a piece of equipment rolls through a field we use Famous to track its usage by the type operation it is performing as well as the field that its operating in. In addition to the power unit—the tractor itself, we track the implements the tractor is pulling.

Water is a big deal these days, and there are significant shortages, so we track the number of acre feet that have been applied to each field. That tracking is done through Famous as well.

Things are so easy, and so automatic that we don’t have to try that hard with it (Famous Software). Any issues that do come up are promptly solved. But other than that, we are pretty much on autopilot. We’ve never been down—ever.

We don’t have many issues where we need backup and support, but when we do, Famous has been super responsive.

My name is Brian Staggs. I am the Farms Controller with Harris Farms, and I love Famous Software.

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