Famous Integration Services


Famous Integration Services (FIS) let you electronically trade with your customers and suppliers directly or via the iTradeNetwork. Our FIS features make efficient, accurate electronic produce trading a reality for large and small enterprises alike. FIS users tell us they save many hours each day. They are also experiencing improved order accuracy and providing better customer service.


  • Fewer Clerical Errors
  • Faster Communication
  • Improved Product Tracking
  • Less Paperwork with Corresponding Cost Savings
  • Famous to Famous
  • Improved Order Tracking
  • Meets Large Customers' Requirements
  • Invoices Get Sent Sooner and Paid Sooner

Retailer Direct


Download the Fact Sheet

To learn more about FIS and how Famous Software can help you deploy this technology, download the fact sheet. Download the FIS Fact Sheet

Ready to See for Yourself?

Your Famous Software Sales Representative can give you a current list of FIS compatible trading partners and answer any other questions you have about these powerful new tools. We'd be happy to arrange a personal demonstration as well. Please give us a call at 800-444-8301 or send us an email.