Famous Mobile


Put all the Famous Software features you need for field case tagging right in the palm of your hand. Famous Mobile makes fully integrated, PTI-style case tagging available to harvest crews. Take field case tagging to the next level of integration, convenience, and accuracy.

Since Famous Mobile is fully integrated, there is no need to re-enter data.


Famous Mobile is remarkably easy and requires very little training. It uses ruggedized, handheld Windows Mobile devices. Famous Mobile gives you the flexibility to:

    • Print all field tags "just in time"
    • Print additional tags in the field as needed
    • Print replacement tags without returning to the office or waiting at the cooler
    • Print a variety of tag formats for different labels, carton styles, and customer requirements

With Famous Mobile, cellular data connections are supported, security levels are definable, and data storage is encrypted.


  • Remote Support
  • Multi-Language Support
  • PTI-Compliant Traceability
  • Fully Integrated with Famous
  • Train Crews in Minutes
  • Support Multiple Crews
  • Support Multiple Companies
  • Use Standard and Custom Tags

System Requirements

For a list of the system requirements for Famous Mobile, download the Famous Mobile System Requirements.


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