Report Viewer

In Famous, you can email reports and inquiries to non-Famous users. The Famous Report Viewer allows non-Famous users to view and print Famous reports and inquires. Anyone can download the Famous Report Viewer free of charge here.

To Download and Install the Famous Report Viewer

  1. Above, click the "download Famous Report Viewer" link.

  2. A File Download Security dialog box displays.

    Report Viewer Security

    Click the "Save" button.

  3. Choose a folder on your computer in which to load the reportviewer.exe file.

  4. Once the download is complete, double-click reportviewer.exe. This installs the report viewer and places an icon on your Programs list.

  5. On your desktop, click Start > Programs > Famous Report Viewer.

  6. In the Famous Report Viewer, click File > Open, and select the report that was emailed to you. (Famous reports have a .PSR file extension.) Note that any subsequent Famous reports you receive will automatically open in the report viewer when you double-click the report.

The Famous Report Viewer can only read files with the .psr file extension.

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