Milestone 3 Send GTIN Lists to Buyers (Now)

While there are many ways to provide your list of GTINs to buyers, the PTI requirements can be met by emailing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to your customers. This sample shown here is part of an evolving standard being published by the PTI team. Learn more about it on their site A complete sample worksheet can be downloaded from the PTI site.


The PTI team also provides a Best Practices Guide for communicating GTINs to customers. Highlights include (quoting from the PTI site):
  1. Assign responsibility for conveying GTIN information
  2. Convey your Data Synchronization Spreadsheet electronically well in advance before shipping product
  3. Integrate third-party service providers
  4. Provide buyers with spreadsheets for only those products that you ship to them
  5. Provide buyers with spreadsheets for products you procure from an alternate source

What about using data pools?

Data pools are centralized databases containing standardized records for trading partners. An example is 1SYNC, a subsidiary of GS1 US.

At this point, we believe that most Famous Software users do not need to join a Data Pool. You can simply maintain you GTINs in Microsoft Word or Excel and email, print or fax lists to your buyers.

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Additional Resources

The PTI website is Here's a helpful PTI Resources page as well.
Cosponsors of the Initiative include PMA, CPMA, and United Fresh.