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Church Brothers Loves Famous Software

Church Brothers, LLC


Church Brothers specializes in field cut and precut. They are also the marketing/sales arm of TrueLeaf. Established in 1999, they installed Famous in 2002. Everyone in the company and their coolers all use our Software, a total of 90 licensees. This is some text!

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Steve Church

Steve Church is currently the CEO of Church Brothers. He was Director of Operations when the interview was recorded.

Our old software wasn’t working very well so we contacted Famous. They came in and implemented their system. Our volume was huge at the time. The conversion went very well. The people were friendly and really helped to get the thing going.

Our custom appointment loading system ran almost perfectly the day it was installed. We believe we cannot live without this system because our business is so complicated. We load about 200 trucks a day. About 30-35% of what we load is not a full pallet. The system uses inventory and the day’s ETAs. We’re getting 90% of our trucks out within two hours. We find it very easy to checkout trucks and believe that the accuracy is very good.

We use FIS (EDI) electronic ordering. It works very efficiently. Order entry people receiving EDI orders do not need to manually enter them. This helps the efficiency in the sales office.

Regarding traceability, we do mock recalls all the time to test our system. We believe that we can get a recall done within an hour to two hours.

My name is Steve Church. I am Director of Operations at Church Brothers, and I love Famous Software.

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