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Write Your Own Ticket

Think Big. Just because you don't see your perfect job description here doesn't mean you can't write it. Do your homework first, and then tell us where you think you fit.

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No Rats, Not a Race...

Ready to collaborate with coworkers you'll respect? Want to be pleased with the work you produce? Come see why only a few are chosen and why we stay here so long. Escape the rat race.

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Born in a barn?

Well, yeah, just about! Famous folks really know the produce industry. Many of us grew up working in packing sheds, coolers, and on farms.


Living in the Central Valley

Famous Software is located in Fresno, California, about a three-hour drive or 40-minute plane ride from San Francisco, San Jose, and other Bay Area locations. It’s approximately the same distance from Los Angeles. Fresno County, stretching from the snowy Sierra Nevada peaks to the rolling Coastal Mountains, reflects the vast diversity of California. Fresno is the only county in the nation that can boast three national parks right next door.

A Great Place to Live

The area’s affordable housing, many recreational opportunities, abundant shopping, award winning school systems, a growing technology prowess, a lively and diverse arts scene, make the region a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Our part of the world might just be one of the country’s best kept secrets. Come see for yourself.

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