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Boskovich Farms

ImageFounded in 1915 Boskovich Farms is family owned and operated and headquartered in California's San Fernando Valley. Today, over four generations later, they grow on more than 10,000 acres in California and Mexico producing about 30 different vegetable crops year-round. Boskovich Farms implemented Famous Software in 2011. Lynn Grayson is the firm's Controller.

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Lynn Grayson


Famous has delighted me and made me a believer.

We had customized software and hardware tailored for Boskovich using a programming language which was state-of-the art 28 years ago. It became obsolete and unserviceable.

We did a complete software search -- looked at lots of different packages. We realized that Famous was probably the best solution long-term for Boskovich Farms because of their willingness to do what needed done without problems, and at an affordable price.

If I was going to describe the implementation of Famous Software at Boskovich Farms I would say -- "Easy." They were more than willing to cover every shift, every hour of the day and night. And then at the go-live date we had the same people in place helping us to go live.

When you call they are informative. They are knowledgeable. They help you with what you need. Because we have so much customization I find it interesting that everyone there still seems to be able to help us do what we need to do on a day-to-day basis.

I feared that I wasn't going to have access to rapid modifications and customizations, and have things changed immediately. I have found that not to be the case with Famous. That has been one of the bigger pleasant surprises.

Everyone I have spoken to or had contact with has been extremely professional. Very familiar with their areas of expertise. Very free to share information. Very willing to make sure that if I had any issues or problems they would be dealt with immediately.

You get this feeling of true partnership. Your problems are their problems and important to them. They make sure that they get taken care of, and they follow through.

Famous economically -- staff wise -- resource wise -- asset wise -- was a smart solution for Boskovich Farms.

My name is Lynn Grayson. What I like about Famous I can say in two words. It's "the people."

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