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Anthony Vineyards Loves Famous Software

Anthony Vineyards

anthonyvineyards.comAnthony Vineyards has been a Famous site since 2001. Headquarted in Bakersfield, California, the firm holds in excess of 6,500 acres producing highly-regarded grapes, peppers, tree fruit and dates. They were very early adopters of Famous-integrated wireless, handheld technology.
Paul Loeffel is the firm's Chief Financial Officer.

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Paul Loeffel

Paul Loeffel We looked at about ten different potential software vendors. It was a very easy decision to choose Famous, and looking back over the last ten years it’s certainly a decision that we are very happy we made.

We look upon our relationship with Famous over this past decade as a partnership. Both companies have grown significantly, and it has been mutually beneficial.

We have essentially tripled our business over the last ten years without any additional staffing.

We have about 35 users. Famous is integral to the whole operation of Anthony Vineyards. It’s used by every department, whether its Agriculture, Sales—people think classically the accountants, and the administrative side, but it’s more the operations and sales people who are benefitted.

The true benefit of Famous is in our daily operation—being able to keep track of product, and getting the right product to the right customer.

Our sales people were able to pick up Famous and operate effectively four hours after we introduced it to them. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just so intuitive. It just seems to take you where you need to go.

The benefits of Famous Cost Accounting are incalculable. We have approximately 200 crop cost centers. We break down to 30-40 acre blocks, and monitor costs and revenue for those blocks. This allows us to know when we have areas where the vines are getting old and need to be replaced because they don’t perform economically anymore.

One of the key reasons we chose Famous was the ability to integrate our legacy radio frequency guns for keeping track of inventory movement within our cold storage facility. The integration of that package with Famous is key to our success.

The Produce Traceability Initiative has not really been an issue because of Famous Software. Certainly we needed to add GTIN numbering to our products, but we already had full traceability with the existing Famous System.

We’ve used your custom programming services several times. The response has been both prompt, and for the services being provided to us, a very economical purchase.

The reliability of Famous has been incredible. It’s essentially bullet proof. The support and training from Fresno has just been outstanding.

My name is Paul Loeffel. I am the Chief Financial Officer of Anthony Vineyards, and I love Famous Software.

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